Monday, December 13, 2010

3 Important Things To Know About Building A Small Chicken Coop

If you’re thinking of building a small chicken coop, there are a number of factors that you must know in order to have success.  Many chicken farmers dive right into the process without thinking about some serious factors first, and this is what will cause you to see results that are less than optimal.
By taking steps to ensure that you’re going about the process to build a small chicken coop successfully, you will make the most progress from your time invested.

Here are the 3 important factors that you should know about:

Think About Total Number Of Chickens
The very first thing you should be doing is making sure you are thinking about the total number of chickens you plan to keep in the small chicken coop. If you attempt to place too many birds inside at once, they are going to feel overcrowded, which will not lead to good results in terms of your ability to get fresh eggs daily.
It’s important not to attempt to go beyond the number of chickens that can successfully fit inside the house, so pay close attention to this. If you’re pushing the limits, you aren’t going to see results.

Landscape First
Next, you should be taking the time to landscape first before going forwards with the building process.  Landscaping is something that is essential to making sure the house stays stable over time, as those who attempt to build on land that has not been landscaped are at a serious risk of seeing problems over time.
Since it is a small chicken coop, the landscaping process itself should not be overly intense, so that’s not something you should concern yourself with, but it is important to consult a guide before building so you can be sure you get that correct.

Choose Your Materials Wisely
Finally, the last thing to do is make sure you’re choosing the materials you will use wisely.  You can definitely save a great deal of money through building supplies choices, but if you choose the wrong materials, it’s very likely they will get eroded by the weather over time, and rebuilding will be necessary.
A good chicken house building guide will walk you through the process of choosing the right materials (for as cheap as possible) so that your coop lasts for years.
So keep these points in mind. Don’t rush the process if you want to get good results.  The actual building process itself is quite quick, but only if you’ve read a guide beforehand and know precisely what to do.

For more help on the process, please see this guide:
———–>Build A Small Chicken House

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